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Don’t burn out on data, the real mileage is in comparison

Posted by Richard Butcher on Dec 19, 2018 11:44:13 AM

Richard Butcher explains why the Cost Transparency Initiative is important, but could be lost in translation without a comparative.

Richard_Butcher_-_Managing_DirectorI bought myself a new car fairly recently and, it’s fair to say, its probably the most teched up car I’ve ever owned. It does, without a doubt, provide me with the most data – almost to an overload level. It does the usual stuff; speed, revs, fuel level and outside temperature, but it goes well beyond that: oil pressure and temperature, distance left until I run out of fuel and, as that approaches, not only where the nearest garage is, but also how much they charge per litre of fuel. It’ll tell me how hard I’ve been braking. It’ll tell me (without my having to turn the radio on), what the news headlines are, the weather where I am and at my destination, and more, so much more. But it also does something really simple, but very clever.

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