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Donny Hay is a qualified chartered accountant, with more than 25 years’ experience in the pensions and investments industry. Prior to joining PTL, he was Head of Clients at Kempen Fiduciary Management, leading the client management team and working to develop the overall fiduciary management offering in the UK market. Before that, Hay spent three years as a professional trustee, where he represented a bank of ten clients – ranging in size from £35m to £4bn – and has held various other roles, working across a range pension funds and investment portfolios. Donny has a broad skill set, combining pensions knowledge, technical expertise and industry know-how with problem solving ability and excellent communication skills. He particularly enjoys setting and achieving objectives by involving others, starting with the end in mind, being decisive and leading by example. Donny has a long track record of achieving good business outcomes for his clients. He is an experienced trustee, with particular expertise in the investment sphere, having worked as an asset manager for many years. This experience will prove invaluable in helping PTL’s clients to make the most of their assets and manage risk in challenging times.
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Slippage Costs: What does it all mean?

Posted by Donny Hay on Oct 12, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Background – What, When, Why?

The FCA ruled on 20 September that from 3 January 2018 asset managers have a legal duty to respond to requests from workplace DC governance bodies for information on transaction costs using the ‘slippage cost’ calculation methodology.

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Topics: Transaction costs, investment transaction costs, slippage, slippagecosts, independent pension trustee

Brexit Investment Implications for UK Pension Schemes

Posted by Donny Hay on Jul 17, 2017 3:03:48 PM

The results of PTL’s recent Defined Benefit (DB) Risk survey (click here to see the results) showed that Brexit was one of trustees’ top three DB risks. So, one year on, what has happened, what are the risks and how can trustees mitigate them?

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Topics: Defined Benefit, defined benefit risks

Transaction cost debate: where to next?

Posted by Donny Hay on Jun 21, 2017 3:39:15 PM

First published in Pension Funds Online, 09 June 2017

The asset management industry is not used to having the spotlight shone on it, however it has come as a result of the debate on costs and charges. Donny Hay looks at the importance of transparency when dealing with costs.

In her January 2017 article titled "Understanding the transaction cost debate" my colleague Alison Bostock asked how DC trustees and Investment Governance Committees (IGCs) can meet their duty to assess whether transaction costs are value for money.

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Topics: Transaction costs, cost transparency, sustainability, investment transaction costs

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