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Paul is a manager at PTL and is primarily involved in scheme management and the governance of the pension schemes we work with. He works closely with our Client Directors on a variety of open and closed DB schemes, along with working on our DC Master Trust and Group Life Master Trust clients. Paul particularly enjoys DC Master Trust work as this is a rapidly developing and expanding area in which PTL are leading the field. This work has allowed him to contribute to the development of our governance platform for these schemes. Paul's background is in pensions wind up administration, with a specific focus on PPF transition, having worked for both Mercer and Higham Dunnett Shaw prior to joining PTL in May 2011.
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Do sweat the small stuff

Posted by Paul Ratcliffe on Mar 29, 2016 12:50:51 PM

“Nothing moves quickly in pensions.” That’s a quote I used to hear a lot during the time I have been working in the industry, and I used to believe it.

These days however, it seems that things have been moving very fast indeed. Whether it’s the new flexibilities, the end of contracting out, or changes to the annual allowance, to name but a few, it seems there’s always something that needs doing urgently and always a deadline looming.

With all that going on, it’s understandable that the day to day can sometimes get overlooked. It’s very tempting to find comfort in the assumption that what’s been going on for years is ok, but is it?

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Five things to think about when planning your wedding or running your pension scheme

Posted by Paul Ratcliffe on Jun 16, 2015 10:42:00 AM

Photo by Emma Trotter

On May 2nd this year I got married and it was the fantastic day we hoped for (and everyone told us it would be). Before we got to the big day though, and well hidden behind the confetti, cake and questionable dancing, there was a considerable amount of effort and planning that made sure everything went without a hitch (well, only one hitch!).

Relating this to the trusteeship of a pension scheme seemed like a tenuous link at first, but as I thought about it there were some fundamental truths about getting the big day together that cross over pretty closely.

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