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The day I used the Chair's casting vote

Posted by Richard Butcher on Feb 17, 2017, 3:17:58 PM

Richard_Butcher_web2.jpgI've been involved with trustees and trustee boards for 27 years, but the other day, I experienced a first.

Most trustee decisions are routine and nothing much to get excited about.

Whilst different people may have different views, generally they coalesce around a consensus position. Occasionally, and not unreasonably, there may be a benign disagreement where subjective judgement differs, but these instances pass by in reasonable compromise or with the quorum.

Very occasionally (perhaps half a dozen times in my 27 years) I've seen less benign disagreements, where a properly constructed decision was carried by a majority but one or two trustees were distinctly unhappy.In these cases, frankly, they either have to put up with it or resign – it comes with the turf (and, incidentally, it is completely pointless minuting "I disagree with that decision" as trustee boards are collectively responsible).

The other day however, I not only had a split decision, but, for the first time, I had to use the Chair's casting vote.

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Topics: governance, trusteeship

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